Simpson FIA Hybrid S

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IMPORTANT: The FIA Hybrid is the ONLY Head and Neck Restraint System tested and approved by Simpson for use with 3-point belts. Other systems that share the "Hybrid" name have not been tested and are NOT recommended for use with 3-point belts.

The Simpson (formerly Safety Solutions) FIA Hybrid Head and Neck Restraint is not only FIA approved for competition use with standard racing harnesses, but has also been tested and shown to be compatible with standard 3-point safety belts as found in street vehicles. Partnering with auto manufacturers in Detroit, the carbon-fiber FIA Hybrid has been third-party tested using the same FMVSS208 procedure as found on other head and neck restraints. When used with 3-point belts, the FIA Hybrid was able to successfully demonstrate that a significant reduction in neck tension was measured when compared to a similar test using only a helmet and a 3-point belt. This exclusive testing allows piece of mind for not only driving enthusiasts with non-race-prepped cars, but DE Instructors as well! 

Note: For maximum protection, Simpson and OG-Racing both highly recommend a complete cockpit safety system whenever driving on track that includes, but is not limited to, a full roll-cage, full-containment seat, Snell or FIA rated helmets, FIA or SFI-rated Head and Neck Restraint, and a 6+ point harness system. 

 The Simpson FIA Hybrid Sport comes with the following options standard:

 Sliding Tethers: Allows for unrestricted side-to-side head movement.

Sold WITH standard post anchors.